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Seize the Day

Date posted: 9 April 2019

The future is uncertain.  Our clients are facing challenges yet remain positive about the inherent value of their asset bases.  There are obvious opportunities, driven by interest and fuelled by passion.  It is our job to help shape our clients goals and see them being met through the right avenues, procedures and statutory frameworks.

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Prescriptive Rights of Way

Date posted: 24 March 2017

Third party use of your land for a continuous period of 20 years could lead to rights being unintentionally acquired.  Additional rights over land can have adverse implications on land and property management, future land use and land and asset value.  There are various means by which you can prevent and reduce the risk of such rights being acquired.

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Getting your ducks in a row

Date posted: 23 November 2016

Opportunities to grow capital and safeguard for future generations can all too often be overlooked and there may be no time like the present to consider the “what’s, where’s, why’s, how’s and when’s” of land and property ownership. Taking a moment to review the following matters can go a long way to providing a solid foundation for both short and longer estate strategies. Read more