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The Devil is in the Detail

Posted in: Industry News
Date posted: 24 April 2019

The annual RICS Valuer Registration return beckons and we have reviewed the valuations undertaken over the past year. Valuation is really the key RICS member practice, one that is met with the “Registered Valuer” quality assurance mechanism.

No one valuation is the same and neither are valuations ever as straightforward as they first seem. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that our advice is accurate and fit for purpose.

The inherent complexity of land and property with diverse attributes and layers of ownership and occupation makes providing valuation advice so much more interesting.

Early engagement at the estate planning stage can prove beneficial, enabling a thorough analysis of the various taxation liabilities before a transaction is executed. We work closely with our clients and their professional advisers in consideration of a number of different scenarios and options.