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Getting your ducks in a row

Posted in: Property Ownership
Date posted: 23 November 2016

Opportunities to grow capital and safeguard for future generations can all too often be overlooked and there may be no time like the present to consider the “what’s, where’s, why’s, how’s and when’s” of land and property ownership. Taking a moment to review the following matters can go a long way to providing a solid foundation for both short and longer estate strategies.

Ducks in a row
Ownership structures

Who or what owns the asset and why? Can archaic ownership structures be restructured to compliment the current principle and purpose of ownership? Can a more effective structure be implemented to serve current and future generations?

Accounting principles and finance

What is the current and projected income from the estate’s assets or enterprises? What potential is there to enhance the income and or capital position and how can that enhancement be implemented? Is there a budget and is there room in the budget to implement objectives? Have finance arrangements including borrowing / loans been reviewed and can they be restructured and improved?

Occupation arrangements

Who occupies what? Under what arrangement are they occupying? Is the form of agreement suitable and in writing? How long will they occupy for? What are the occupier’s objectives and do these align with the owner’s? Can the agreements be terminated in part of whole and by whom?

Third party rights

Who has a right to use what? Are rights of way suitably documented and regulated? Is your land and property protected? Are third parties doing something that could create a new, unintentional right? What impact do third party rights have on the asset and can the position be improved?

Land use and planning

What attributes does the land / property have and what use is it suited to? What restrictions are there in the short and long term? Does the land and property hold development potential? What opportunities are there to maximise value?

Health and safety

Who and what are you liable for? Are you compliant with current legislation? Is your position protected in the event of an accident? Is your asset protected in the event of an incident?

At Bowler Oakfield we help our clients identify issues and provide answers to the above questions. We work with our clients and their other professional advisers to formulate suitable strategies, with objectives suited to the nature of the assets and our client’s own aspirations.  We would be delighted to talk to you and review or develop a suitable strategy for effective management of your land and property.